The participation of people and other species is necessary to establish Veganparty.

The service portfolio of the Veganparty includes the language of consciousness. Health is growth.

Health is a conference with the species for the respect. Veganism is the official language. Veganism is a new evolutionary sequence.

Diseases are communication agencies. A jurisdiction mediates. Diseases are interfaces. Species beg for more respect.

The aims are the representation of vegan species and the health.

We need a vegansystem. We need a Veganstate.

The base is information. We live in a vegan developing country. What could an association do?

The task is the veganisation of the european union. A veganparty association should collect and adjust people. Together right will be done.

I recognize in every form of nutrition a war against other species and life forms. I stem my war and establish a maximum form of competence in peace research.

Integration is an equality of all body parts before the law.

The ear is an ear. The anus is an anus. The leg is a leg.

Inner security is vegetable food.

Vitamin is communication. Life is dimension. Life is unity. Peace is a question of nutrition. Vegan life is peace. How to create a vegan city space?

The administrativ work with scripture.

Freedom is time. Simplicity is truth. Accuracy is profit. Now live! The human delivers the world.

My leader is food.

Live easier is the aim for everyday. Silence is quiet. Life stays better.

Renewable energy is growth.

Renewable energy brings stability.

Self consciousness is a magnetic field.

It is for vegans. I represent myself. Founder are welcome.

I understand unity with all creatures.

All species are a canditate for a peaceful existence. Every species needs enough space.  Every species has a right to live. Every species is obliged to act very peaceful. The murder must be stopped.  The species controlled by humans get a own habitat. The species space gets land and a state with a peace zone.

The belligerent species in imprisonment are to supplied with vegan nutrition. There will be a need to let them die out.

The universe is finite. At the edge of the universe is a border. The very big loses its dimensions and becomes an elementary particle.

I am the master of the universe.


  1. We share the fate of our nutrition. At species products i share the suffering i have given to the species. If i use plant foods, i am able to grow silently forward.

  2. To understand the suffering, it is shared beneath all creatures. This enables a healing through understanding.

  3. The user of species products are all criminals. Species products cause a plague.

  4. Crests are criminal acts. They make the population insecure. Crests are to delete.

  5. The meals are the problem not the people.

  6. Species products in the apparel are toxic. The dead species takes over the thinking then.

  7. The time of the combustion engine is over. Mobile races are forbidden. Cars, boats, vans are limited on a combustion engine with 75 KW maximum. Motorcycles up to 20 KW are allowed. Cruise ships with combustion engines are forbidden. All forbidden mobiles will be recycled. Renewable energy, namely electric energy and hydrogen engine, are allowed.

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This is the imprint. I am responsible after §5 Teleservicelaw.

Michael Gumnor

Lindenstreet 47

40233 Düsseldorf


0049 (0) 211 69 808 65

0049 (0) 177 313 78 73

Life [at] Veganparty [dot] eu

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